If you never knew, now you will have an idea that Trezor Wallet was the globe’s first virtual currency hardware wallet to get into the Cryptocurrency space and offer a solution to both the security and safety of investor’s virtual currencies.

Meanwhile, Trezor is known to be co-founded by its Chief executive officer, Slush and its Chief technology officer, Stick. Bear in mind that, the Trezor wallet has been structured to enable users to store all of their cryptos safely.

Also, it allows investors to complete all of their transactions safely and privately control their virtual currencies without revealing any private or sensitive information to the public network of the Blockchain.

Some of the device operating systems that Trezor supports consists of:

  • MacOS 10.11 and above
  • Windows 7 and above
  • Android OS, and;
  • Linux

What Is Trezor?

It is an offline Bitcoin wallet that both stores and contains the personal keys of users, and it enables users to carry out transactions without any form of internet connection.

Also, Trezor helps users with diverse advantages because it can be used as a protective offline storage unit, and it allows users to send their coins very easily.

Note that, the unit is quite small and this means that it can be stored in either the pocket of users or even attached to a keychain.

With this, users can easily keep their bitcoins safely stored offline on the Trezor wallet and transfer them at their own discretion after linking it to any computer on the Trezor device.

Why it is being emphasized that Trezor can be used safely is simply because, even if it gets stolen, there are diverse security measures put in place that will stop the thief from stealing your bitcoins or even pin.

What Does Trezor Have To Offer?

Bear in mind that, Trezor virtual currency hardware wallet does not only support roughly five hundred virtual currencies, including ERC20 tokens, it also provides its users with lots of benefits such as:

  • A cold wallet storage

All of your virtual currencies can be protectively managed and even transacted as you avoid cyber hackers. Trezor wallet actively provides you with peace of mind that all of your coins are one hundred percent safe even when you are asleep

  • It serves as a transparent security

The Trezor wallet has been validated and audited by lots of security researchers. It also has features such as; a firmware verification made by SatoshiLabs, a hardware case that is ultrasonically welded and even secure private and public key functions.

Moreover, cases of loss, destruction or even theft of the wallet are supported offline with a twelve to twenty-four words long recovery seed that follows a standard built by Trezor.

  • Dependable customer support team

When it comes down to Trezor, the wallet has a highly dedicated support team that can be depended on to solve any issues and answer all of your bitcoin questions.

To Wrap It Up

With all you have read so far, it is vividly clear that Trezor is a wallet you should never miss out on when you embark on your journey through the crypto-verse.

Trezor has also made available a Trezor One hardware wallet which it calls the most trusted Cryptocurrency wallet that has cold storage. In this link you can buy Trezor One on official shop.