Ethereum came into the Cryptocurrency limelight in the year 2015 and has successfully gained prominence and rated to be among the most reputable token available in the market.

However, this amazing project has its advantages and disadvantages. Note that, it is vital for all investors to have an understanding of what these pros and cons of the Ethereum project entail.

This is because it will aid in undertaking the best investment decision. And, it is vital to have an idea of where the project is actually based.

This is necessary because there are countries that may suddenly change their policies and regulations with regards to Blockchain drastically.

As for some others, the government policymakers may implement some regulations that will put a halt on its development.

Nonetheless, we will be taking a look at the pros and cons below.

Advantages Of Ethereum

It was not until the emergence of Bitcoin before Ethereum was brought into the crypto-verse. As it stands right now, it is a completely decentralized virtual currency.

So many coin offering projects were successfully developed as a result of Ethereum investment.

Nevertheless, some of its advantages include:

  • Ethereum functions

When you take a closer look at Ethereum, it is vividly clear that it functions very differently when it is compared to some other virtual currency projects.

Differing from all other virtual currencies, Ethereum transactions do not need intermediaries. It is a service that comes with the complete package.

  • Its system

Bear in mind that, Ethereum cannot be termed to be a self-locked system. What this means is that all other services and even goods are capable of growing together with the Ethereum Blockchain.

This makes Ethereum to grow continually, and many more people troupe in to invest in the platform.

  • Sustainable project

For what it is worth, Ethereum is a project that is fully planned. Have it in mind that virtual currencies are spontaneous. Some suddenly appear, and the next thing, they die just as fast as they emerged.

However, that is not the case of Ethereum. It has an existing and clear roadmap in the next years. Also, it aids stakeholders in understanding how the Blockchain will be developed.

  • Ethereum’s system

As it stands, Ethereum is an open system, and this stands as a huge advantage of its Blockchain. Anybody can come in to join the project.

Also, all of this makes it highly possible to build its ecosystem and enhance it further.

Disadvantages Of Ethereum

 No matter the juicy news you get to read about Ethereum, there still remain people who are skeptical about taking the plunge to invest in virtual currencies or even Ethereum.

However, they have their reasons, and for Ethereum, some of its disadvantages include:

  • Ethereum makes use of so many platforms. The platform is both a ledger, smart contracts producer, and so much more. This makes the platform to be weak.
  • In a bid to modify the project to a newer level, this Blockchain will make a switch from PoW; Proof of Work to PoS; Proof of Stake. Switching is not done so easily, and if it does not go seamlessly, the entire system can possibly crash.

To Wrap It Up

The pros of Ethereum clearly outweigh its cons. Nonetheless, Ethereum has large support from business communities. Also, medium-sized and large corporations join in to enhance the works of the platform.

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