The Princess of Wales’ bold Bafta fashions show she’s confident in her cause

Princess of Wales - Getty

Princess of Wales – Getty

We’re used to seeing the Princess of Wales pulling classic princess styles out of the bag, but last night she looked different. This is the most confident and relaxed Kate we’ve seen on an official night out, as she attended an event hosted by the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood at Bafta’s headquarters in Piccadilly.

Her hair sleek and shiny, here’s Kate playing to her natural strengths – she always looks good when she’s wearing a simple, tailored outfit. Whatever turmoil she may have had in private over the past few months, Kate is The Firm’s ultimate swan.

The Prince and Princess looked relaxed - Getty

The Prince and Princess looked relaxed – Getty

None of it shows on the surface. Her Sarah Burton red trouser suit for Alexander McQueen, in Welsh red (natch), Leaf crepe, was inspired by a trip Burton and her team took to Wales in 2020 where they discovered the traditional red houses of Wales. It’s bold, strong-shouldered and definitely not Butlins. No wonder other European Royals such as Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg have one.

Together with the chunky, art-deco-esque, clothing jewelery earrings from small independent label Chalk, this is textbook power dressing – smart, modern, unstuffy. She’s worn these £70 earrings before, but they didn’t look quite as striking. There are no prisoners here. Gianvito Rossi court shoes with 10 cms heels are red. The Miu Miu bow suede evening bag is red. This is Kate’s color. It’s also Meghan’s – one of the few things they seem to share and, although they generally avoid each other’s designers, colors can’t be monopolized so easily – just ask Valentino or Christian Louboutin who had to fight in court over keep the years. their own particular brands of red.

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Dressing for this kind of occasion – not technically red carpet, but not exactly casual either – can be sartorially challenging to navigate, especially for royalty who need to shine, but at the same time same who want to look more contemporary and not too strict. top.

The Princess of Wales began wearing trousers in public during the pandemic. She was the first pink one with M&S who struck the right chords with the video conferencing mood back then, she made them her own.

The Princess has adopted pantsuits - Getty

The Princess has adopted pantsuits – Getty

During the Brit’s trip to promote the Earth Shot prize in Boston last November, she wore a trouser suit by Roland Mouret and McQueen. But this is the first time she used such a bold one for a formal evening event.

The asymmetric cut of the jacket and the boot-cut trousers suggest that the deeper she digs into the subject of early childhood, the more certain she feels. On social media the consensus is that she looks like a real boss. She not only found her color but her reason.

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