The best ships in Genshin Impact

Although most love The influence of Genshin for the game or the story, others love it when the game’s colorful cast of characters interact and plant the seeds for a blossoming romance to blossom!

This is for that part of the community. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here are our picks for the best The influence of Genshin ships!

Jean and Diluc

(Photo: HoYovers)

(Photo: HoYovers)

The Jean and Diluc ship was one of the earliest to arrive The influence of Genshin, as both elements featured prominently and interacted quite often during the Mondstadt Archon Tales. Theirs is a classic romance, of two people who want to get closer, but can’t because of the duties and responsibilities they have to prioritize.

The connection between Jean and Diluc also seems destined. In the early history of Mondstadt, it was members of the Gunnhildr and Ragnvindr clans who helped Venti rebel against Decarabian and later overthrow the corrupt Aristocracy.

As descendants of those clans, Jean and Diluc helped Venti restore Dvalin. Maybe they are destined to end up together too. Perhaps when Mondstadt is truly free from all threats they can finally put duty aside and let their new romance blossom?

Ningguang and Beidou

The pairing of Ningguang and Beidou is one of the most popular ships on Genshin Impact.  (Photo: HoYovers)

(Photo: HoYovers)

Two of the most powerful women in Liyue are also the city’s main power couple.

Ningguang and Beidou have a close relationship and maintain a friendly rivalry, even if their personalities and positions in Liyue society are usually at odds.

Because Beidou is a pirate, Ningguang as one of the Liyue Qixing is tasked to rush in first. However, what actually happens is that Ningguang gets Beidou to do errands for her in exchange for ignoring her illegal activities.

The pirate captain also gets special privileges out of that deal, like unlimited access to the Jade Room so they can play chess, or so Beidou says.

We spend more bits and pieces on Ningguang and Beidou’s relationship during various events. For example, in “Of Drink A- Dreaming”, Ningguang invited Beidou to go on an impromptu vacation and ended up at Angel’s Share bar in Mondstadt, where the Travelers gave them drinks while teasing each other.

Of course, what really sparked this ship’s fire was the animated scene for last year’s Lantern Rite, where Beidou praised Ningguang’s new dress and the latter responded with “Only a true treasure at caught Captain Beidou’s eye. Looks like I struck gold with this one.”

Also, February 14 is Beidou’s birthday, so the Captain and the Tianquan have two things to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

Xingqiu and Chongyun

(Photo: HoYovers)

(Photo: HoYovers)

Fans of the Xingqiu and Chongyun ship get a lot to eat, as the pairing enjoys tons of interactions in various events.

The two have a very close friendship, with Xingqiu teasing and pulling pranks on the restless Chongyun, who still considers him a loyal friend.

Chongyun’s voiced lines mention his admiration for Xingqiu and his enthusiasm for chivalry and passion for reading. Of course, he is well aware of his friend’s mean side, because he is always a victim of his tricks.

On the other hand, Xingqiu’s voiced lines say that he and Chongyun understand each other very well and have been friends for a long time.

The Flavors of the World cutscene from version 2.1 even shows Xingqiu and Chongyun playing together as children alongside their larger group of friends that also includes Xiangling, Hu Tao, and Xinyan (Yun Jin is also part of the group but has yet to be released at the time).

But while Xingqiu and Chongyun’s relationship appears to be that of a normal friend’s friendship, the former is known to have shown clear signs of affection.

In Chongyun’s Quest Hangout, he told Travelers that Xingqiu gave him many tips, one of which is about a popular choral location where “two close friends” should go.

During the Moonchase Festival, Xingqiu invited Chongyun to the Feiyun Commerce Guild warehouse, asking him to read a book aloud to him. The book is a romantic novel called “Young and Hopelessly Smitten”.

Here are some very big clues that show Xingqiu’s affection for Chongyun. But knowing both, those hints are just flying over Chongyun’s head or being dismissed as another lie by his friend.

Eula and Amber

Eula saved Amber from an avalanche during the 'Shadows Amidst Snowstorms' event.  (Screen courtesy of HoYovers)

Eula saved Ómra from an avalanche during the ‘Shadows Amidst Snowstorms’ event. (Screen courtesy of HoYovers)

Eula and Amber’s pairing is one of the most popular and wholesome in the game, which came to fruition when Eula’s character showcase ended with her asking Amber to dance.

That being said, their relationship runs much deeper than their brief (yet sweet!) interaction.

As you look at their character stories, you will discover that Eula and Amber have been friends for a long time.

In Eula’s video story, it was revealed that she came under the tutelage of a “long-forgotten old weaver”, who many believe to be Amber’s grandfather. We can then assume that it was the bond that started Eula and Amber’s friendship.

Amber was the only person in Mondstadt that Eula fully trusted, as the former did not let the latter’s family history get in the way of their friendship.

If anything, Amber has long championed Eula’s cause and helped the citizens of Mondstadt keep Eula away from Lawrence’s cruel family.

Eula’s character stories tell how Amber helped Eula during her first run with the Favonius Knights and even announced her good friend’s deeds to anyone who would listen. Amber’s actions helped improve Eula’s standing with the community, which was less aggressive than before.

We can see how many treasures Eula has made of amber in the event “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms”, where the former was very protective of the latter because they were stuck in Dragonspin.

When an avalanche hit the party, Eula was quick to pull Amber from danger in a hug. Here’s a neat compilation of all Eula and Amber’s moments from that event, enjoy!

Travelers and Ayaka

(Photo: HoYovers)

(Photo: HoYovers)

Let’s be honest, the Traveler is sent to almost everyone in the game because he is the main character, so they had to get an entry in the end.

And while there are so many Traveler ships we could go with, the ongoing “Warrior’s Spirit” event prompts us to highlight the Traveler x Ayaka ship.

Although not directly stated, there is always at least one character per region that is combined to be of interest to Travelers. In Inazuma’s case, it was Kamisato Ayaka.

The Travelers hold Ayaka in high esteem, seeing them as their first true friend, someone whose friendship she earned out of her own free will and not her status as a high-born daughter of the Kamisato Clan.

In her Quiz, the Travelers helped Ayaka discover a new side of her late mother’s personality and enjoy her first feast as a regular attendee, which is a reasonable thing to say.

Although she often acts dignified, Ayaka isn’t afraid to show her affection for Travelers, even if she doesn’t say it directly. At the end of her Quiz, she even does a special dance for them (with wet socks on!).

But Ayaka was at her most aggressive in the Warrior’s Spirit event, where she invited the Travelers for some sparring sessions and playfully told them, “Make sure you take good care of your sword. If I succeed to steal one day, your life. It will be in my hands too.”

Say what you will about Ayaka, but out of all the other characters the Travelers are sent with, she’s one of the few who wants to get things done.

Honorable mention: Vlad and Nadia

Vlad and Nadia meet for a date during the Lantern Ritual Festival.  (Screen courtesy of HoYovers)

Vlad and Nadia meet for a date during the Lantern Ritual Festival. (Screen courtesy of HoYovers)

While our full list of ships between playable characters, there are some sweet NPC pairings in the game for us to swoon over as well. Of all of these, Vlad and Nadia’s pairing is arguably the best.

Both are members of the Fatui working as guards for the Northland Bank, with Vlad working the day shift and Nadia working the night shift.

Their relationship blossomed when Nadia accidentally left a letter for her brother at the bank while changing shifts. Vlad mistook it for a letter written to him, and left a reply. The two became pen pals as a result, writing letters for the other to read during their shifts.

Both Vlad and Nadia are very homesick during their time in Liyue, with the former asking to move back to Snezhnaya while the latter waits at the harbor every day on a boat carrying letters from her family.

When they were pen pals, they would find comfort in each other’s letters, even though they could not meet because they had different shifts.

Vlad and Nadia finally met during the first ever Rite Rite Festival in version 1.3, and players have looked forward to seeing them together in every iteration of the event since then.

In this year’s Lantern Rite, the pair attended the music festival and had a great time together, with Nadia even curtly saying it was a great experience because of the person she came with.

We can’t wait until the next Lantern Rite to see how Vlad and Nadia’s relationship will blossom!

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