What you should understand is that quantum computing has actually been available on the technology radar for quite a long period. However, it has also had its moment lurking in the background of the Blockchain community.

Basically, the latest advancement of computing enables difficult equations and issues to be resolved exponentially faster than what is available currently.

Although quantum computing has been quite a futuristic and science fiction-like pursuit, when it comes down to Blockchain, it has been stated to be fine also.

This is because we have been warned countlessly that quantum computation has the power to render all existing coffee standards obsolete, thereby threatening the security of all vital blockchains.

However, news making the rounds suggests that Google has achieved a quantum computing breakthrough known as the quantum supremacy.

Reports have it that, with Google making use of a quantum computer, it has managed to carry out a calculation with three minutes that would take the globe’s strongest supercomputer about ten thousand years.

What Does It Mean For Blockchain?

At the end of the day, this could practically be a panic station for Blockchain because all it has managed to achieve will be completely wiped out so easily. Also, without the ideal provisions, every of its promise and prospects can be disrupted in the twinkle of an eye

For those who are unaware, quantum supremacy has to do with the exact moment when a quantum computer practically outperforms the globe’s best classical computer in a particular test.

Though it is the first initial step, it is also a big step that suggests that the spotlight is on blockchain to try its best not just to try but to also resist such a technology that can unravel all of its coded algorithms within minutes.

As it stands, people are wondering if there is any specific evidence that shows Blockchain being ready for such a new age and as well a newer threat.

Meanwhile, there has been news making the rounds that Blockchain developers are creating quantum-resistant chains like E-cash inventor; David Chaum and his new set virtual currency known as Praxis.

Another project is Qan which has put out statements to say that it is set for the quantum computing era and has swiftly reacted to the news of the breakthrough made by Google.

According to Johann Polecsak; CTO of QAN, he told bitcoin.com that the idea of google achieving such a quantum breakthrough is quite dramatic, but in truth, it is difficult to gauge its significance so soon.

He also went further to ask how everyone can be so sure that the quantum computer of google is much stronger than D-wave.

To Wrap It Up

No matter how it currently sounds, quantum computing is a likely threat that should be nipped in the bud when it comes down to its effect on the Blockchain universe.

While it may not necessarily be the killer switch that everybody imagines as a result of killer hype, it is actually something that is on the radar for everybody involved in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Bear in mind that, asides from all that Blockchain has accomplished so far, Blockchain is a huge technology revolution that has permeated deep into companies and even the government.

So, it will be more than disastrous if all it has done end up being undone and for all that it has promised so far be eliminated.

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