Jennifer Coolidge fulfills her dream of playing a dolphin in a new Super Bowl commercial

Jennifer Coolidge has achieved her dream of playing the role of a dolphin with a new Super Bowl ad.

The White Lotus The star, 61, recently sparked hilarious reactions after revealing that her “ultimate dream role” would be to play one of the aquatic mammals.

Coolidge made the claim during a red carpet interview with Come on Hollywood during the Golden Globes in January, after being asked: “What’s your ultimate dream role now? What if anything happened, what would it be?”

The question prompted Coolidge to think for a second, before she replied: “I’ve always wanted to play a dolphin!”

The actress’ response was confusing, with one reporter asking if Coolidge meant “animated feature,” while the other asked if she was referring to Flipthe 1964 film based on a dolphin.

“Yeah, something like that,” Coolidge confirmed.

While fans and peers of the actress weren’t sure what to make of her dream role, Coolidge has since fulfilled her wish, thanks to her role in Elf Cosmetics’ Super Bowl campaign.

In the ad, which will air in its entirety on Sunday February 12, Coolidge tries out the cosmetic company’s Power Grip Primer.

“Oh my God. It looks like I came from the sea,” Coolidge says after applying primer to the top of her already worn tresses. “I look like a dolphin. Like baby dolphin!”

The amusing commercial, which was co-written by The White Lotus Creator Mike White then sees Coolidge mimicking the squeaking sounds of a dolphin before announcing her delight at the product. “I love it!” she continued.

However, the teaser ends with the actress admitting that the primer is “definitely sticky,” before saying: “I’m so dewey, people are going to complain!”

While talking to People As for the upcoming commercial, Coolidge said her own makeup routine inspired her reaction.

“I put products out of order,” she explained. “I put the primer on after my makeup, because I think it makes me look more dewy. I was putting it in front of my friend, and we were joking around and I said: ‘Oh my god – I look like I’m coming out of the sea. I don’t care that I’m wet.’ And then I said: ‘Like a dolphin.'”

As for her unusual response to her dream role, Coolidge told the outlet that she wanted to respond with “something broad,” and that she didn’t expect her response to go viral.

“I just wanted to say something broad. And one dolphin, a dolphin fits everything,” she explained.

On social media, the cosmetics company has already earned praise for its first ever Super Bowl commercial, and for helping Coolidge fulfill her dream role.

“A dolphin’s dream come true! We love @jennifercoolidge,” one fan said on Instagram, while another added: “This is GENIUS, she’s finally in her dream role.”

“This is amazing,” said someone else.

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