In this article we will write about history Of Blockchain. We are in an era where technology continually rules. Technology has transformed everything concerning the way we function. Smartphones emerged years ago, and we can see the impact it has on our lives.

We can operate anything and everything with the aid of our phones, and this ranges from placing orders online and checking out all activities occurring in our various accounts.

However, right now, we are at the brink of yet another life-changing technology, Blockchain technology. The Blockchain system is a distributed public ledger that documents all the transactions between two people effectively and in a guarded way.

Its key asset is that it is transparent and basically decentralized.

Where Did Blockchain Start From?

Examining the Blockchain technology, it is noticeable that it has made way for diverse innovations. Blockchain’s first innovation is the largely famous Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. It was launched in the year 2009.

Bitcoin has rapidly grown and has a fascinating market capitalization of roughly $10 billion to $20billion. Diverse countries have made their utilization to be legal, and it is accepted as a means of payment in some sectors.

Blockchain technology was the underlying technology behind Bitcoin. Currently, most monetary institutions are exploring the technology and how it can be of benefit to them. Fifteen percent of banks make use of the network already.

Steadily as the technology grew, it brought smart contracts into the limelight.

  • Smart Contracts

The smart contracts were first utilized by the Ethereum network to create computer programs straight into the Blockchain network and enabled both loans and bonds to be depicted and not just cash, such as the token of Bitcoin. Ethereum’s smart contract currently has a market worth running into billions of dollars.

As the Blockchain technology continued rising, it brought about the proof of work.

  • Proof Of Work

Today’s Blockchain network functions of the proof of work. In this platform, the person with the biggest computing strength is in charge of decision making. These people are known as miners and work on large data centers to provide this protection.

While the network process is regarded as being slow, Blockchain technology has yet another innovation that is currently on the horizon. It is known as Blockchain scaling. A scaled Blockchain system will facilitate the procedure without disrupting the security.

The scaled procedure basically figures out the number of systems needed to certify each transaction and split the work equally. It is a process that is expected to be swift.

With the innovations mentioned above, it is proof that the hardworking of diverse cryptographers, which comprise of scientists and mathematicians, have aided the Blockchain network over time.

Even self-driving cars, aerial drones, and, money transfers that are done internationally have become easy to execute with the implementation of the Blockchain technology.

To Wrap It Up

It is unclear what the future of Blockchain might turn out to be. This is because technology keeps on advancing, and we can only hope that a large number of individuals and industries accept the technology.

For the fact that the network has rapidly grown for so long, perhaps its future might be here sooner than we think.

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