Ecuador guarda apuração de eleção do local authorities and admissão de extradição

If the equator or the domingo (5) for autoridades place and important to refer to each of the companies to import, process to make the name available to candidados and promote the final result.

However, it is likely that the following will be encouraged and expelled from the equator related to crimes that commit transnational organic crime, so de tráfico de drogas and corrupção, ré de 1,20% dos registración horas eleros and das eleções.

O Yes à extradição marked 51.53% of the votes and No 48.47%, according to an estimate published by the Conselho Nacional Eleitoral (CNE), which took ten days to complete its assessment.

A survey by the company Cedatos, closed on Saturday and whose results were published by diverse communication vehicles after the end of the vote, showed 66% in favor of Sim. His extradition is prohibited in the country for eight decades.

“A tramitação dos resultados avanda audantemente”, said the president of CNE, Diana Atamaint, in the discourse of the television and the final television.

A eleção dos prefeitos and governadores também foi encerrada.

It is the president Guillermo Lasso, the reference he made, to suspend the airport and send the plane forward and give the name it had to others.

“Ainda não posso informar uma hora (…), we need to know these results from the electoral authorities”, said the Secretary of Communications of the Presidency, Andrés Seminario.

Dos 13,4 milhões aptos, 80,74% participaram, segundo as autoridades eleitorais.

It is the total equator of 5.700 specific places, including vereadores in the town and included, is the cargo and all the cargo.

Because of the test for Lasso, the former banker de direita or author desde 2021 and the impopularidade cega with 80%. A vote occurred em um contexto de violence crescente.

The candidate Omar Menéndez, 41 years old, is not allowed to get the best of Puerto López (2007) to be the president of Rafael Correa (2017, 2007, 2007-2007) ).

Há 15 dias, Julio César Farachio, candidate and prefeito de Salinas (sudoeste), também foi morto a tiros.

The government, the National Eleitoral Council and the international organization condenaram and assassins recently. “There is no room for political violence in democracy”, declared the leader of the OEA observation mission, Juan Pablo Corlazzoli.

Lasso convocou um referendo em novembro sobre várias questions of security, politics and environment, for “renewing mechanisms of control and security”, segundo disse após sua votação.


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