I have HIV and can’t fly through Qatar but BA won’t refund me

SWNS Residents living on ‘Britain’s roughest street’ say it’s full of kids being stabbed and drug addicts everywhere Residents say they fear the ‘roughest street in Britain’ full of £5 prostitutes, teenagers being stabbed and drug addicts ‘everywhere’. Slade Road in Stockland Green, Birmingham, is said to be a hotbed of violence and drugs which … Read more

Perth festival 2023 opens to the world – with Aboriginal techno, Björk’s promise and uncomfortable truths

The profile of bare feet pushing the world across the dark theater. Four women lead across the stage, eyes bright and defiant, their limbs and hips whirling as if they were made of liquid adrenaline. With every absurd gesture, every primal pulse, the women suspend in the air the dream of freedom – a vision … Read more

Marco Goecke — the disgraced German ballet director behind poopgate

(14.-Marco-Goecke-and-Gustav-photo-Franco-Jennewein.jpg) No one likes to be criticized. Even if it is constructive, most people’s egos react badly to it. Usually this comes out as a grimaced smile and reluctantly eked “no worries”. But for Marco Goecke, head of the Hanover State Opera ballet company, he chose a rather large measure. Because of one damning review … Read more

this humane painter still speaks to us

Details of Rita and Hubert, 1954 by Alice Neel (Estate of Alice Neel) Among the arresting, unforgettable moments in this amazing survey are two portraits of artists in a state of decommitment. In one, the first painting we see, Alice Neel paints herself, 80 years old, naked, sitting on a striped chair that we see … Read more

what were the band members up to?

S Club 7 will open their 11-date reunion tour in Liverpool on October 13, before continuing to cities including Dublin, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester (PA Archive) Nineties fever has hit after the seven members of British pop group S Club 7 have confirmed that they will be reuniting for a UK and Irish arena tour … Read more