Ben Affleck becomes a meme again with his ‘miserable’ performance at the 2023 Grammys

We’re barely two months into 2023 and a new Ben Affleck meme has already dropped.

In case you missed it, Ben Affleck was spotted at the 65th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday February 5 looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.

The IS Gone girl the actor attended the 2023 Grammys with his wife Jennifer Lopez, who presented the award for Best Pop Album. The newlyweds were seated towards the front of the stage, allowing the cameras to capture every interaction and meme expression.

In fact, the Massachusetts native inspired another meme when he was spotted at the Grammys wearing a white expression while staring off into the distance while his wife danced in her seat to Stevie Wonder’s hit song, “Higher Ground.”

Unsurprisingly, Affleck’s less-than-enthusiastic response to Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson’s musical tribute inspired thousands of memes, with Grammys viewers sharing their amused comments on Twitter.

“Ben Affleck looks like he’d rather be at Dunkin,” read one apt tweet from journalist Philip Lewis.

“Ben Affleck looking miserable with J-Lo at the Grammy’s is giving me life,” said another Twitter user, while one wrote: “No matter how bad you are, I promise you’re not as bad as him Ben Affleck. at the Grammys right now.”

“I’m crying why Ben affleck looks like he’d rather die than exist,” someone else said.

Others found Affleck’s deadpan performance to be quite passable, as some compared the Grammy Awards to any other work event.

“Every man is Ben Affleck at his wife’s work party,” one user tweeted, while another wrote: “I’m Ben Affleck at the Grammys whenever I have to be on a zoom call.”

For those who don’t know, Ben Affleck first achieved meme status in 2016 with the infamous “Sad Affleck” meme. The meme in question was taken from an interview he gave with Henry Cavill, in which the two were asked how they felt about the mixed reviews of their film, Batman v Superman.

Although Cavill eventually answered the question, Affleck sat by his side in silence, looking disdainful. The clip was edited into a viral video, which zoomed in on Affleck’s face, with Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” playing in the background.

Affleck became a meme again in 2020 when he was photographed struggling with his order of Dunkin’ iced coffee and Munchkins delivered to his door. Not to mention the now iconic photo of Affleck smoking a cigarette.

During his (first) honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez in July 2022, Affleck inspired another meme when he was photographed mid-stair on a cruise on the River Seine.

“Ben Affleck endured years of memes and Dunkin’ Donuts spilled out the other side, death on a boat married to Jennifer Lopez,” one fan said at the time. “Unbelievable.”

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